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Won - AWGIE, Best Writing in a Feature Documentary, Australian Writers Guild 2023

Won - Best Editing in a Feature Documentary, Australian Editors Guild, 2023

Nominated - Best Feature Documentary, Film Critics Circle of Australia, 2023

World Premiere - Melbourne International Film Festival, MIFF Premiere Fund, 2022

International Premiere - Heartland International Film Festival, 2023

VOLCANO MAN had its World Premiere at the 70th Melbourne International Film Festival as part of the MIFF Premiere Fund 2022. Directed by James Crawley, produced by Tim Russell & Rhian Skirving and written by James Crawley, Tim Russell and Steven Sander, sold to US sales company Shoreline Entertainment, screened nationally in theatres in partnership with Movember & Palace Cinemas & launched on DocPlay in ANZ. VOLCANO MAN is a co production between Pivot Studios and GoodThing Productions (CLEAN, NITRAM, AUSTRALIAN DREAM), executive produced by Nick Batzias and Virginia Whitwell.

VOLCANO MAN is many things: a celebration of growing older, a study in grief, an insight into an artist-misfit, and a meditation on the very nature of storytelling itself. But for me, at its core this is really about a kid grappling with grief and trying to work out what sort of man he should become. And, in a country that typically breeds blokes to drink a cup of concrete and harden the ‘f up – that feels like an important conversation to have. And who better to teach me this lesson than the older, cooler, more chaotic version of myself?


Richard Crawley is a man of boundless energy and pure enthusiasm, ready to erupt at any moment and devolve into utter chaos.


He is my dad, and he is Volcano Man.

- James Crawley, Co-Writer & Director

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